Middle School Showcase

Language Arts Collaboration

I collaborated with language arts teachers to create a Flipgrid of students reading aloud from picture books. We shared our Flipgrid with classes at Oak Park Elementary. Many students chose to create a bilingual story time video, reading their story with a partner in both English and Spanish.

Million Word Challenge

Last school year, I promoted our district wide, Million Word Reading Challenge. Over 25 Students and teachers achieved a million words or more. Even though this reading incentive program was voluntary we had a high level of participation at our school. Approximately one third of our students logged books for the challenge.

Maker Space

I created a Maker Space for our Junior High Library. Teachers are able to schedule time for their class to spend with maker materials to enrich their lessons. Students may participate in Maker Club or visit the library with a pass to work in our Maker Space independently. We have science and technology materials such as Keva Planks, Knex and Snap Circuits as well as materials that support the arts.

Flexible Schedule

I manage a flexible schedule in the Middle School/Junior High Library. Teachers may schedule time in the library for collaborative instruction as well as book exchange and other reading incentive activities such as "Blind Date with a Book" and "The Million Word Challenge."

Collaboration with classroom teachers in the library is important at all levels, but especially so in middle and high schools. I've included an example below of a collaborative lesson plan that I worked on with a 7th Grade ELA teacher.